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Photoidentification catalog Humpback Whale in Banderas Bay, Jalisco and Nayarit, Mexico 1996-2016

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All photos are classified according to a gradient of color ranging from 1 to 5, where 1 is white and 5 is black. Each photo is given a unique code that contains: its color category, the first year it was sighted, the affiliation of photographers (it is very important to respect the copyright of each photo), the recapture number (in case that has been seen more than once) and your personal identification number consisting of 3 digits. Then, the first number shows the color category; BB indicates that the photo was taken in Banderas Bay, 001, is the unique code for this individual; 00 is the first year the whale was sighted; ET is the photographer's affiliation, in this case Ecotours de México and 1 is the recapture number.


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RABEN is one of the projects of ECOBAC and is an inter-institutional team of people trained to carry out rescue of whales entangled in fishing gear.


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